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The warranty for electronic components is one year from the date of delivery of the vehicle, including the electric motor, battery, charger, instrumentation, controller and any other electrical product. The two-year legal warranty applies to the frame, front fork, saddle and rims. The seller does not bear the costs of man-made damage (fire, flood, accident) and the costs of wearing parts, including tires and brake pads.
Replaced spare parts must be returned to the seller, including motor, instrumentation, controller, battery and charger. Other components only require photos of damage and do not need to be returned. We will ship the spare parts within 15 working days, the transport costs being borne by the customer.

If a customer wishes to return the vehicle, we must inspect and repair the vehicle within 15 days of receiving it. After the repair, we will notify the customer within 15 days and help ship the packaged vehicle back to the customer. Transport costs are the responsibility of the customer.
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